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Luxury Villas in Tuscany 

Tuscany Proprties

Places to visit in Tuscany

Tuscany Info
South Tuscany-Montepulciano

45 miles South-East of Siena, Montepulciano is a quaint hilltop (665m) town noted for its red wine the famous Vino Nobile. Also worthy of visiting are Montalcino and Pienza.

Image by Massimiliano Morosinotto

A beautiful medieval city, a must for anyone visiting the region of Tuscany, especially its unique shell shaped Piazza Del Campo where the famous Palio horse race takes place.

Pouring Red Wine in Glass
Chianti region

The area to the South (East) of Florence and North of Siena has some of the most scenic landscape in the region.  Many villages can be explored with panoramic views en route.  Lots of fattoria, cantine, vineyards, wine estates are located in the area.  

Image by Jeff Ackley

This magnificent Renaissance city is full of  churches with art treasures and the home of the Uffizi museum. If, after visiting Florence.

Image by karl muscat
San Gimignano

One of the best preserved medieval cities in Italy, with its famous 13 towers dating back centuries. This unique hilltop town boasts wonderful panoramas and attracts visitors worldwide.

Tower of Pisa

Everybody has heard of what is undoubtedly the world’s most famous tower located in Piazza dei Miracoli (The Square of Miracles) with the cathedral.  Pisa is worth a half-day visit.  Why not combine it with Lucca

Food & Drink


Tuscan cooking is simple, good and hearty. It has a reputation for delicious food using fresh seasonal ingredients and many meat dishes; wild boar is a speciality. The Tuscans are especially proud of their soups, often with the addition of bread. The basis of Tuscan cooking is its excellent olive oil. Try also the wild Porcini mushrooms and local truffles.

Crostini the typical Tuscan starter: pieces of toast with savoury toppings, pate made from chicken livers, anchovies, capers and white wine. Crostini may be served with various local salami e. g. finocchiona, pork and fennel salami.

Ribollita an old Tuscany recipe, a black cabbage vegetable soup served on bread.

The classic Tuscan pasta dish is Pappardelle with hare sauce (sugo di lepre) or wild boar (cinghiale). Try also Pici -  thick spaghetti style pasta.

Bistecca all fiorentina a huge slab of beef on the bone grilled over hot charcoal.

Trattoria/Osteria are the places where to find good home cooking.

making pasta

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